Sunday, July 20, 2008

E-Day + 61

Sunday - No builders today. It was lovely to have the house to ourselves today, with no builders around. I had a lie-in, badly needed after a couple of nights' broken sleep.

There was quite a bit of work done yesterday. But there is still a lot of work for Stephen the flooring guy to do before the kitchen is delivered on Tuesday, so I'll keep my fingers crossed (A lot done, a lot more to do, as Bertie would say!).

Stan, David and Mikey did a lot of tidying up - finishing the repaving of the neighbours' patio beside the party wall, putting the final touches to the making good of the windows upstairs, re-stretching the carpets in my front office and on the landing, tidying up the plasterwork around the sockets, and clearing the back of the garden from all rubbish and builders' materials and tools.

We escaped to Aya in Sandyford again for lunch yesterday. I had a gorgeous lemon beef udon. Really nice and comforting.

So, the place feels a lot more habitable today than on Friday. It's all relative, as we still have a loo in the middle of the dining room, but I've cleaned up both front and back offices, the 2 rooms I use the most in the house, and I certainly feel like things are bearable again. It was really only a couple of days of chaos, so I can't complain at all. Also, Kevin and David have a great way of making us feel good - they listen to our concerns, they answer our questions clearly, they are in control and they always have a solution to hand, no matter what the problem is.

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