Wednesday, July 16, 2008

E-Day + 57

Lots of plastering done yesterday, and plenty more to do today. The plasterers and Paddy the electrician were outside our door before 8 again today, and are working away already.

I didn't get a chance to take pictures yesterday, but it's looking nice and neat.

The Nordman roof man was over yesterday too. We must talk to Kevin today to find out what he thought.

And Chris, the Nordan windows project manager, was over and sorted out the sliding door at long last. It was off its rail. That's why it wasn't gliding! How that happened will remain a mystery. He's to come back in a few days to sort out the last few snags. He was very surprised to hear how unhappy we were - he said that they never have problems, and that Yuri the fitter is generally complimented for his tidy work. Well, Yuri must have been on an off-day with us!

And the floor in our hall has been ripped up, to make way for our new floor, which is to be delivered today I think.

A hive of activity! I must escape to the Shomera for a bit of peace and quiet. Willow is a bit distressed, as we have to keep him confined to the front bedroom, even in the evening, as the door to the kitchen has been taken away, and there are too many holes giving access under the floor. It would be far too tempting for a cat. The end result is that he was crying for attention at 4 am today, and I had to get up to let him out. He's back in his room now, but is not one bit happy about it. I'll let him out in the evening, when all the vans are gone. Last week, he had managed to get inside one of the vans, and it's just as well I was outside at the time and saw him, or he could have woken up in Athboy!

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