Tuesday, July 29, 2008

E-Day + 70 - The Return of the Leak

Well, we don't think it's the same leak actually, as it was thoroughly tested by a heavy shower last week, and there wasn't a spot of water. But Stan had to take up the bottom part of the roof last Saturday to put in a bird blocker, and we suspect something wasn't put back right A water stain appeared on the ceiling at the bottom of the left-most velux around 3 am this morning after a very heavy shower. It more or less disappeared as the morning went. Kevin had a look and found that there was a screw in a new spot and a hole where the old screw was, and fixed it, but unfortunately the water stain has come back this evening, after further heavy rain. So we'll need further investigation to sort this one out. I wish we hadn't touched that roof after it was sorted. I just hate the idea of it being pulled apart again, but that will have to happen to sort out this leak.

Apart from that, other things are moving along. We had Stephen, our new electrician, doing a very good job today, getting a number of items completed. Ciaran, his boss, had been over on Friday to assess the work, and we had a good feeling about him (he is a diving enthusiast, so there was plenty to talk about too). Stephen arrived at 8 AM today. My hair was still wet, and Brendan was still sound asleep. Once we went through everything with him and he established the priorities, he set to work and didn't stop all day. Ray, the plumber, didn't turn up, but promised Kevin he'll be over at 8 AM tomorrow. We're also hoping to have the granite installed tomorrow - though I have to say I'll believe it when I see it. Ernest is a real sales man: he'll promise the sun, the moon and the stars, but Mark, the granite man, said it would be the end of the week, so I'm betting on Thursday or Friday, and I'll be very pleasantly surprised if it happens tomorrow.

I just realised we missed Extend's architect's site visit today, as we had to go and see Brendan's Dad in hospital, and Kevin, who probably forgot about it, left around 4:30 (he rang us as he was leaving). Apologies from us all, Colman.

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