Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Life Drawing - trying watercolours in the taught class

Another class with an anatomy focus, this time comparing male and female anatomy. I will take pictures of the charcoal short poses on a brighter day. So for now, my watercolour attempts. It was my first time to try watercolours at a taught life drawing session - I will have to fine-tune my approach. I started with an inktense pencil for one and a red pencil for the other. My goal is to go to direct watercolour. That will require a little more practise, though.

I need to go lighter on my pencil! I decided to use negative painting to try and define the model's shape better. You can see on the left for instance that I had drawn him wider than he is. He's quite a slender model. So I used paint to correct that. The female model was behind him, but I was seeing so little of her that I decided to ignore her. I could have moved, but balancing watercolour palette and water on a board is as much as I can do, so I stayed put instead. Painted on Two Rivers paper.

For this one, I could see both models. I sketched them a little closer than they actually were. I'm really happy with how I painted the female model. I feel I conveyed a sense of her youth and how petite she is. For the male model, I didn't capture his gesture - he was actually leaning forward much more than that, as evidenced by how much the vertebrae on his upper back sticked out. I should have paid more attention to the curvature of his neck and his waist. Next time, next time!

The female model is Megan. I thought the male model was called Brian, but I'm not so sure now!

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