Wednesday, December 12, 2018


5 Dublin Sketchers at this sketching workshop organised by SPAB (The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings) at Dublin Castle's State Apartments. We seem to be everywhere!
It was lovely to meet non-Dublin sketchers who are into sketching on location too! This outing was facilitated by the OPW, and we were made to feel very welcome.

I didn't take an architectural approach for my main sketch, however. I just followed my line, wherever it went. And it made me feel happy. The resulting sketch doesn't look like much. But it reminds me of that time when it was just me and the line, nothing else.

Here is a close-up of the same sketch, where you can see that I tried to differentiate between foreground and background through the thickness of the line. But I loved every aspect of the view equally, so it was hard to give some aspects of it less detail. One thing I've been wondering lately is if being on the spectrum makes it harder for me to sketch the big picture?

After that big view, I needed to relax with something easier. A Christmas tree kindly obliged! And then I went to the Terrace Café for a Christmas ciabatta and salad, which I tried to sketch using what I'm learning from Sketching Now Edges. But I was hungry,  and the coleslaw looks more like sweet potato chips. The beetroot salad, the bacon and the bread itself worked out nicely I think! And it was all very tasty!

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