Thursday, December 13, 2018

Japanese baths

I love Japanese bathrooms. When I win the lotto, that's the first thing I'll do, get one fitted instead of my current bathroom.
Yes, Japanese loos are great - warm seat, music, bidet function. But that's not the most important feature for me. The item I love the most is the deep and short bathtub. So, instead of a narrow bath where my feet can't reach the end, and my shoulders stick out in the air, I would be able to sit straight with my feet propped at the end, and my shoulders (nearly) covered.
The bathroom we had in Kyōtō was perfect - separate loo, then an entrance with a very practical sink, very deep and tidy, and an accordion door to the shower and bath room, which is all one unit (no leaks!). The water temperature is set to the exact degree. And there is a unit on the wall outside to control the air temperature and flow, so you can hang clothes in there and get them dried overnight if it's raining outside (or if you're travelling the following day!)

Oh, and did I mention that when you flush the loo, the cistern refills at the top with a little tap that you can wash your hands with. Such a water-saving idea!

Deep sink with a good splash-back, nice big mirror and built-in press under it.

The bath room. In Japan, you wash and rinse fully with the shower before you step into a hot bath to relax.

The panel on the outside, with settings to heat the room, dry yourself and even dry clothes

Deep sink with a good practical tap and clear temperature control

Controls for the shower and bath, which you can set to the degree

That's how serious I am, I took a picture of the brand

That's the tap at the top of the loo water cistern. So when you flush the loo, the cistern refills from the top via the tap and you can wash your hands from that tap. So clever

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