Saturday, March 10, 2018

#OneWeek100People2018 - Day 5

I went to a life drawing class in Kennedy's Art shop today, so I'm going to count these for my OneWeek100People challenge!

It was a lovely class with Eorna Walton, a very warm and positive teacher, and Molly, a model with stunning poise and stillness. I can't remember the skeleton's name, but she did have a name, and plenty of attitude!

The photos below are not in order - it was the skeleton first, followed by Molly, and Conté and charcoal on toned paper, followed by ink on white paper. We started with short poses (5 minutes), then extended to 10 minutes and then we did a few 20 minutes at the end.

So that's a total of 21 figures, bringing me to 82! A good day's work!

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