Sunday, March 11, 2018

HVI rules

This is from a good few weeks ago. Still very much in catch-up mode here!
These exercises were from SketchingNowWatercolour, exploring Hue, Value and Intensity. What I discovered during this exercise is that I think of Hue (pun not intended!), but Value can be a bit of an afterthought, and as for Intensity, most of my paintings are full on! So I had a lot to take in! 

Liz Steel has three rules when it comes to Hue, Value and Intensity:
  1. Reduce the number of hues. 
  2. Create value contrast. 
  3. Balance intensity. 
I'm generally not bad at reducing the number of hues - I try to stick to a few colours that I mix together to create others. Although, that said, I am working on a watercolour right now where I have 7 different pigments, but I think it's ok, as 4 of them are used for greens, and the other 3 are used for greys. So, strictly speaking, it's only 2 hues: green and grey, isn't it?
I'm not sure I'm quite ready for Intensity balancing, i.e. trying to avoid high-intensity colours outside of the centre of interest. 
But I'm definitely trying to work on values. I've even done a value sketch for my current work in progress. I must remember to review it as I progress with the painting. Yes, I have been known to do a value sketch and then ignore it completely. And for the exercises below, I should have done value sketches, but I was running behind and I rushed! 

Looking at this black and white photo of the top sketch, I can see that my sky should be lighter and that my dark tree should be darker, and the roof of the big house is too dark a value.

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