Friday, March 30, 2018

Fake Journal Month

1st of April is fast approaching. April is International Fake Journal Month. Fake Journal Month is an idea brought to life by a wonderful artist called Roz Stendahl. Basically, you draw, paint, journal, as a character you have invented. This will be my third year of participating. And yes, Odile will be back. But which one? Young Odile from the present day? Or old Odile from the future who's escaped back to the present and met her younger self?

I haven't planned much. So I probably will be using old art supplies again. At the moment, I am interested in practising drawing and painting the human face and body, but if a nice tree or a dramatic sky presents itself, I will be flexible. And maybe I will let Odile play with my watercolours...

So, if you don't see much activity on this blog for the next month, come and join me and the Odiles on!

Let International Fake Journal Month begin!

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  1. OMG...again...already...Look forward to reading this.