Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Grey snow

Well, the snow is nearly gone now, but footpaths are still treacherous - why people don't clear in front of their houses still baffles me! The other days of snow were much greyer, but still a good opportunity to paint. Here is the same tree from a different angle. I love my new sword brush from Rosemary&Co. It's a 770 Series, Sable blend Sword liner. I got two sizes, 1/2" and 1/4". They look a bit battered already, but hopefully will snap back into shape when they are wet.

And I also really like the mix I used for the sky and the background - the problem is that I can't remember what I used: definitely Lavender, but the other colour might be Transparent Red Oxide, Monte Amiata Natural Sienna or Buff Titanium?  I should have kept note of my colour mixes!!

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