Friday, March 09, 2018


People often think that painting in watercolour is really easy and fast. In a way, it is. A painting can be done in a couple of hours. But then, what non-watercolour artists don't realise is how many versions of the same view we have to try out before we produce one we're happy with! In this case, three. And actually, the one I like best is the second one.
Exploring composition, textures and colours

Protected my plants with masking fluid this time so I could be more free with the blues and purples

Tried to add darks. But this looks more like coral on the reef at night. Nice glow, though.

These are inspired by photos I took on the Beara peninsula last summer, near Glenbeg Lough if I remember correctly. I must go back down to Beara, with my easel this time, and paint non-stop. It's such a wonderful part of the world!

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