Friday, March 16, 2018

Coumeenole Beach Two

Another version of the same view on Coumeenole beach. Slightly different composition. I added a little bit of sky and even a sailing boat on the horizon (it's actually in the photo I took!). And I moved the main rock slightly to the right - I wanted it to be more about the waves this time. In terms of colours, I think I used cobalt blue rather than cerulean chromium blue for the main part of the sea. And I was bolder with my sand, rock and waves colours. I used another Ken Bromley sample paper - Winsor and Newton Classic 140LB NOT. Fantastic paper. It handled beautifully, allowing the paint to granulate, move, merge and split. The masking tape I used around the edges lifted the fibres, something to watch out for. But, strangely, the masking fluid did no damage. Will definitely be tempted to order some more of this paper!

And by the way, if you're tempted to go for a swim in the Atlantic ocean, be warned that the currents at this beach are dangerous and it is unsafe for swimming. Not that it stops Irish children and adults from enjoying the water in the summer. But then again, the Irish don't like rules! Béal Bán, a few miles down the road, near Ballyferriter, is much safer.

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