Sunday, January 21, 2018


A few more drawings from One Drawing A Day, exploring textures, doodles and patterns. A great excuse for using my calligraphy markers - they languished in a drawer for years, and I'm so glad to have found a use for them at last. They are so much fun!

I'm really enjoying this course, by the way. The modules are short and snappy, and there are 5 a week, so it's easy to catch up if you miss a few days, which I did as I was busy at the end of last week and I was away for the weekend. You'll find the course on Sketchbook Skool (yes, with a k).

So, yes, it's been a prolific start to the year. The beauty of it is that none of these sketches have taken me more than half an hour, so it's quite manageable, and an encouragement to keep it up! Veronica Lawlor, who runs this course, is a fantastic artist and a great inspiration. She has a couple of books, One Drawing A Day, and One Watercolour A Day. But I find the online course much easier to follow!! It's all a matter of motivation, I think.

The first sketch here is actually the last one from the week. I decided to put it here first just in case you get bored and don't scroll down!! A view from an upstairs window. The weather has been too miserable to sketch outdoors, but I don't want to draw from a photo if I can avoid it!

Some of these patterns didn't quite work out at the start, but then I got into a rhythm. The idea was to be inspired by patterns that you find in magazines. A few here are from origami paper, and others from Ikea napkins!

Most of the patterns here are from a book I got from Shinobu, called 'SOU.SOU - Wagashi inspired by SOU.SOU's original textile design'. Fantastic textile patterns and wagashi sweets! It makes me want to go back to Kyoto to discover their store. Their online shop has me drooling - at the clothes mostly, but Japanese sweets are divine too. I wish we had a Japanese store in Dubin!! (They also have a US online store if you find the Japanese site too hard to navigate)

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