Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Christmas movies

None of the movies we watched over Christmas were picked for us specifically. There were four of us to entertain, with a range of tastes difficult to reconcile - science fiction, factual, war, French romantic comedy, James Bond (I don't know what category to put that in). I watched and enjoyed most of them, as I am both a fan of science fiction and French romantic comedies.

  • Gladiator: Long time since I'd seen this one. But it still delivers its punch lines (and sword strikes). When translating, I tried to keep it simple - this guy is good, this guy is bad, really really bad.
  • Valerian: I loved the Valérian et Laureline comic books when I was younger. The reviews of this Luc Besson movie were not great, but I actually enjoyed it. More humour than the trailer implied. And Cara Delevingne plays Laureline better than I would have expected.
  • Il a déjà tes yeux (He even has your eyes): a story of adoption in France, with a twist. Great fun. Probably my personal favourite in this list.
  • Dunkirk: I didn't watch this one. I had seen it in the cinema. The music alone will stress you out, if the scenes of soldiers caught on the beach and trying to escape the carnage leaves you cold.
  • Un peu, beaucoup, aveuglément (Blind Date): a love story, a pianist and a game developer (who hasn't gone digital) don't meet, but fall in love. (They meet at the end)
  • Mars: this is a docu-drama on Netflix - 2016: interviews with players in space exploration and scientists interested in how man could survive on mars; 2033: fictional first manned flight to mars, exploring the various things that can, and do, go wrong. I'm looking forward to the second season!
  • Spectre: James Bond. The French actress was really bad. And I'm more of a Roger Moore fan anyway.
  • Back to the Future: My dad had seen a DeLorean in town recently. So it seemed appropriate for Stephen's Day. But difficult to explain in French to someone who doesn't know the American 1950s look versus 1980s. My mum got very confused. But I thought it was as brilliant as the first time I saw it!

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