Monday, January 08, 2018

Starting over

I won't let the setbacks get to me. They do really, but I refuse to abandon my efforts. Maybe I've got into a safe way of painting, too tame. I need to go back to painting like I used to - without thinking too much, without planning, and most importantly, all in one go, while the enthusiasm is still there. And forget all the books, the videos, the advice, the comments, however well-meaning they are! I have to follow my instincts. Even if that means that I don't paint anything frameable for a while. As long as I keep painting. I need to remind myself it's all about the process - the act of painting, not about the result!

This time, I decided to approach the same subject as if it was a sketch - drawing in ink (pen and brush pen), then adding watercolour. I'll try not to worry about where it will get me!

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Maybe I should have stopped at Step 2? Nice vibrant transparent colours. But I wanted stronger darks in the water and the trees. And more texture and colour in the foreground grasses - done with oil pastels. And I left out the ducks this time!

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