Saturday, January 20, 2018

National Gallery of Ireland

I wasn't at my most inspired for the first Dublin Sketchers outing of the year. Well, I was prolific - 4 sketches. That's something But I wasn't very focused. I added a bit of colour to 3 of them after I got home, and I was much happier then. I am definitely a colour person, rather than a line person.

The National Gallery was very busy. Lots of people for the talk on the Turner exhibition. And the place was just humming. I even managed to get in with my sketching stool hanging from my shoulder. The 'item' for which I was stopped the last time! Mind you, I wasn't carrying a backpack this time. So I didn't stand out so much.

I've just seen that there is an Emil Nolde exhibition coming up in mid-February. I'm soooo looking forward to that!!

These two were done while sitting at the lecture on the Turner exhibition (on until the end of January) - some fantastic works by Niall Naessens, responding to Turner's works with prints especially made for this exhibition. With a few quotes from the speaker, Anne Hodge, who curated the exhibition.

 A view from one of the balconies near the big elevator. A view I definitely want to revisit.

It was a bit draughty on the bench outside the shop, so I rushed this sketch. But adding watercolour highlights when I got home made me happier with it. 
While I write this, it reminds me of how slow the service was in the café - lots of staff behind the counter, but only one or two actually looking after customers. The rest of them seemed to be busier with ... I don't know what? I tried twice and gave up both times. That's not the first time it's happened. How can they be so inefficient? Is it the layout? Or the management?
The shop, on the other hand, is lovely. Now, I didn't try to buy anything, so I can't comment on their efficiency. But they have wonderful art books, prints, cards, and gorgeous scarves too!

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