Friday, January 26, 2018

Sailor Fude

I love pens for sketching. For the last year or so, I've been sketching with a Lamy Safari, an inexpensive pen that flows beautifully on the page. I had heard about Fude pens a while back, but I felt I had enough on my hands with just one type of pen. But I let myself be tempted after the holidays. Fude is a generic term - the word 'fude' means 'brush' in Japanese. Yet, this is not a brush pen. It's a fountain pen with a bent nib. The one I got is 40 degrees bent I think. There is also a 55degrees one available.

The finest mark is obtained by turning the pen over; the next finest by holding it vertical, and the line gets thicker as you hold it at a smaller angle over the page. For now, I'm just exploring what it can do, but I think I will need a lot more practise to get a fluid, calligraphy effect! Maybe sketching a cup wasn't a good idea?

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