Tuesday, January 09, 2018

La Cocotte

It was cold in town on Saturday. The David Bowie lithograph exhibition at Gallery X was disappointing. It's amazing, though, the power of dead celebrity.  It got an excellent review in the Times and Sunday Times Ireland edition. If I drew a self-portrait like that, I would be the first to say it's not a great likeness (although it does capture some of the essence). I'm not saying he wasn't a talented visual artist. I'm just saying I think his music is better than his paintings, and if he hadn't been so well-known, nobody would be looking at these prints.

When we go into town, we sometimes go for a bite to eat at La Cocotte, the café/restaurant in the Alliance Française. Today, it was full of parents with their children. Mostly French or half-French and there for their Saturday morning classes. Studying Grammar, Spelling, Vocabulary, I guess. All these things they'll need some day.

We always enjoy the food. BB tends to go for boeuf bourguignon, while I try different things. Today it was meatballs in tomato sauce. I chose the healthy option, though, salad instead of chips. And felt very self-righteous! Although I did steal a few chips from across the table!

I had my pens with me, so I did a quick sketch of BB across the table as he was checking something on his phone.

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