Sunday, January 07, 2018

Starting a new watercolour

Full of positive intentions, starting a new year, a new watercolour. But a few days in, and I'm ready to throw my brushes at the walls.

This was how it looked a couple of days ago, still showed some promise. I had even used masking fluid to keep lights, but I knew things were sloppy.
And then, it went all muddy, ugly, awkward!

I got to the stage when I didn't want to paint ever again. But that would be too sad. So I just had to pick myself up and start painting again

A couple of days later: I couldn't leave it unfinished. So I even added the ducks. At a distance, it doesn't look so bad, but I still hate it, despite all my efforts.

Here is the original photo, the work in progress and my practise ducks! Is it me, or does it look like there is a rolling wave just to the left of the reeds?

And in case you're wondering, the photo is one I took in Belfield (UCD) over the Christmas holidays. It's the "new" lake, beside the engineering building. And I swear to god, the ducks think it's springtime already!

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