Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Drawing in colour

Last week was colour week on Sketchbook Skool One Drawing A Day, with Veronica Lawlor, a wonderful art instructor. And what fun it was. No big expectation. Permission to play with crayons, coloured pencils and markers. Just my cup of tea. And a perfect antidote to the bleak January weather.

First exercise was doodling in colour. I didn't come up with the idea of drawing my hand, but every other choice of line, mark and colour is mine

I loved this one: drawing a flower with a crayon, using the local colour for one version, and random colours for the other.

Drawing clouds was fun, although I have to admit I was more inspired by the ominous-looking storm clouds than by the pretty sunrise. Since I don't have any crayons, I am using my Neocolor II in these exercises. They are water-soluble, so I drifted away from line drawing.

For the next exercise, I set up a still life with familiar objects and drew with a pen, then coloured in, at first with pencil, but then I added oil pastel, and I kept going until almost every surface was covered in colour. And it didn't matter than my cups were all wobbly!

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