Thursday, September 01, 2016

The Bone Clocks

Third great book of the summer: the Bone Clocks, by David Mitchell (of Cloud Atlas fame). If you liked Cloud Atlas, you will love this - another big scope book. If you prefer your literature grounded in reality, then maybe it's not for you. But I loved it. A world where the Horologists and the Anchorites wage war against each other, while us poor humans have no idea what's going on.

The structure of the book is not as strict as Cloud Atlas, you will go from the Thames estuary and the world of a teenage girl, to posh college students in Cambridge, to war-torn Iraq to literary festivals around the world, and many other locations and times, but it's all connected. And the last chapter is a chilling reminder of where our world is going, and sooner than you'd think, while we keep on enjoying a life that's dependent on rapidly-dwindling supplies of oil.

I loved it! And if you bump into a British man with a Japanese wife in Clonakilty, make sure to say hi! That's how he got all the Irish expressions, idiosyncracies and geography so spot-on!

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