Friday, September 16, 2016

Airfield Food Festival

Airfield was open to the public for free last weekend, for its food festival. It's normally €10 per adult to get in. BB likes food, and I like to look for sources of inspiration. So we went for a little look.
First thought was: too many children running around! But the food was worth it. A company called Hibernia was promoting its wares: bread, meat, organic fruit and vegetables, cheeses - they normally only sell to restaurants and hotels, but not to the public. And we were blown away! Fresh shiitake mushrooms, long radishes like the ones you can find in France, rustic sourdough breads, seaweed bread, gorgeous Irish cheeses. We loved it all. (We didn't try the meats, as we didn't fancy walking around with two pieces of steak in our bag). It would be wonderful if they decided to open a shop in Airfield. We had the fresh Shiitake in a Japanese ramen and the whole house smelled of umami!

We also enjoyed our stroll to the quieter spots, away from the running, tumbling, screaming children (I heard a parent say "use your indoor voice, Alice" (I have changed the name of the child to spare her embarrassment))

We both took plenty of photos. Lots to paint. Some day soon I'll sit down and actually paint it all! What do you think of this beauty?

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