Monday, September 12, 2016

Croquis Café

I was told about Croquis Café by a fellow Dublin Sketcher a good while back. I'd had a quick look at it at the time, and thought it would be useful, but since I've been drawing landscapes and urban locations in the last while, I didn't get to use it until a few days ago.

The overall website of OnAirVideo seems to be more about selling DVDs than anything else, but they have an extensive free resource of life drawing videos - with each model doing a number of 1-minute poses, then 2-minute poses, followed by one 5-minute pose. 

Since I've been looking at figure sketching on Craftsy recently (remember, "drawing the verb" and "line of action"? I haven't gone further in learning about this - one step at a time), I thought the Croquis Café videos would be a good way to practise from the comfort of my own home!

Here are a few of the shorter poses - I was clearly warming up!

Then I started to get into it. I have to say I struggled with the model's face (she was very good-looking, don't get me wrong. I just found it hard to draw her features), so it was nice to have a pose where she was hiding her face.

Then, by the time we got to the 5-minute pose, I felt more comfortable with the whole process. Her face is completely wrong - I should have left it blank, but I'm happy with how her body looks!

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