Thursday, September 29, 2016

Shadow Shapes - Outdoors

The last of the summer sun was shining, so I really had no excuse to postpone this outdoors assignment any longer. So I went to Airfield for an hour. A very productive hour it was. A couple of watercolour shape sketches and lots and lots of photos. Glad I went when I did, as the day clouded almost as soon as I was finished!

I had planned to draw one of the buildings in the courtyard, but there was some Microsoft meeting in progress, and I didn't fancy myself having to sketch under the critical eye of a horde of Microsofties when they were going to come out for their coffee break. So I went between the garage and the hens. It was a wise move, as the hordes did come out, cuppas clinking, and chatter rising. The only watchers were hens and toddlers. I'm not too worried about their critical eye.

And, look!, I managed to draw the building without the roof, as that's the way it was from where I was sitting!!

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