Sunday, September 04, 2016

St Audeon's Church - Dublin Sketchers

I was given the present of a little book on Perspective. What I call a heavy hint. But it turned out to be quite good, actually. It certainly helped me to cope with these arches on the grounds of St Audeon's Church, the location of our Dublin Sketchers outing last week.

Apart from the fact that the colours are not strong enough and that there is something wrong with the pillars, I'm quite happy with how this sketch turned out. Particularly if you take into consideration that I was sitting on a plastic Hello Kitty blanket on gravel for well over an hour! That's how dedicated to my art I am. You could also say that I'm slow if that's all I managed to paint in that time.

If you're still doubting the effort I put into this sketch, here are photos taken at the various stages:

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