Saturday, September 17, 2016


Another sketch for my homework of "feeling edges" from Liz Steel's Foundations class. It didn't quite work out as planned - I soon realised I was in trouble when the lines and angles I had drawn for the roof proved to be wrong - in reality I could not see the roof, just the fascia and gutters. I realised something had gone very wrong somewhere when I joined up my lines, and there was a roof in my drawing. But I decided to soldier on. I was using my Rotring ArtPen on a lovely fine grain paper I had forgotten I had, and I loved how the watersoluble ink bled when I touched it with a water pen! The Shomera is completely wonky but I love the tree behind it. It was fun.


  1. Is it called after the Irish word for room-seomra?

    1. Hi Cathy, yes it is the Irish word. It's the brand name of those garden rooms (