Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wave in watercolour

It sounds like a contradiction in terms, but painting water in watercolours is really hard. Maybe that should be my art goal for the summer? I could drive to the beach once a week and paint en plein air?

I've been trying to reproduce the feeling from one of our walks on Killiney beach, but I'm losing the light dancing on the water somehow.

I found that the gouache I painted of the same scene worked out much better.

I was happy enough with the two exploration sketches I made, but when it came to the painting itself, it all went dark and dull - too much masking fluid, and then too many colours. It might not be completely lost, but I know in my heart it will not be right, so I think I should start afresh.

I like the wave in this one, but the colours are a bit dull

This is my favourite of the three. 

Too many colours, too many harsh white lines, no sense of depth

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