Thursday, May 12, 2016

More ripples

Trees are hard, clouds are hard, skies are hard, faces are hard. And water too. But that won't stop me spending the rest of my life trying to paint it. So here are more ripples.

I'm happy with how they turned out, the lighter one in particular (although I like the smoothness of the effect on the darker one). But I don't think it's frameable material. Not enough of a composition or focal point. I love the colours though - all mixed from one base colour, Phthalo Turquoise (oh that doesn't sound right, I must check what pigment it actually was.) With a touch of burnt sienna added for the darker greener bits, and with ultramarine for a bluer effect. 

I just love colour mixing. I could explore colour mixes forever. But then, there are some mixes I keep using, because I know they work, and I'm trying to paint something, rather than little squares of colour. Cobalt blue and Aureolin yellow, for instance, make lovely greens, particularly with a touch of Burnt Sienna added. Or Ultramarine and Vanadium yellow and Ruby red (PV19). I find that colour mixing is great when you are facing a blank page and you don't really want to start painting. Or if your paintings are not working out and you need to do something art-related but non-threatening. And I've just found a website (for Kroma acrylics, a brand I've never heard of, but which looks really interesting) where they show the results of lots of interesting colour mixes, and I'm going to bookmark it, and drool over those luscious hues for a while... 

OK, I'm back, after reading interesting information on the difference between Titanium white and Zinc white , and also about the reason why Cobalt Teal doesn't reproduce well digitally, not that it should matter to me, as I don't use whites in watercolours, and I don't have Cobalt Teal in my collection, although it's on my whishlist! But I will definitely get back to that link. 

this one is painted on fairly rough paper

this one is painted on hot press paper (really smooth)

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