Thursday, May 26, 2016

Self Portrait in watercolour

I will need to practise this technique - a lot! So, I'm not going to show you the full face I attempted to paint in watercolour. I found the technique interesting though, using semi-abstract glazes to create form. But I would need to spend a month doing nothing else before I would improve I think! 

Maybe something for next year's International Fake Journal Month? I have a few ideas of topics I would like to explore (paint faces, paint water, paint clouds, paint trees, paint buildings, paint the human form - not necessarily in that order), but I do find it hard to stick to one subject. If I just stuck to one medium, that would be a start, but that's already what I did with this year's IFJM. And it worked. My confidence with gouache paints really grew as the days and weeks went by. But I haven't touched gouaches since. Actually I haven't done much at all since the start of May, expect feel inadequate for not sticking to my art goals!

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