Friday, May 20, 2016

watercolour markers

In my previous post, I was telling you about the Winsor & Newton watercolour marker set I purchased recently. My first proper attempt with them didn't work out at all.  I had brought them with me to the Botanic Gardens to try and do a watercolour sketch in my Fabriano sketchbook. I often sketch with watercolours in this book, and the results are normally quite good, despite the paper being a bit thin for water media. So I was very disappointed with the result -it basically looked like I had used plain markers - every streak, every line was showing, nothing watercoloury about it!

But then I re-read the blurb and I realised it says that you should use Winsor & Newton watercolour marker paper for these. Not just any watercolour paper! And I realised I actually had a small sketchbook with exactly this paper! It shows I should really read the instructions more carefully when I buy art supplies! 
I did a quick wash with a few colours and I was encouraged by the result

And I've also tried a little sketch exploring the same scene from the Botanic Gardens, and I think these markers are going to work out after all! Here is a small sample. More to come in a future post. 

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