Monday, May 02, 2016

Fake Journal Wrap up

One day gone, and I miss her already. I actually went all day yesterday without any drawing or painting, and it felt so strange, empty. So I'll definitely draw something today!

This was my first time participating in IFJM, and I had a ball! I enjoyed reading about everyone's characters, and I was wowed by everyone's work! And I found it was such a supportive environment in which to explore what I could create.

My goal was simple: " journal every day (almost) in the same sketchbook (Strathmore Sketchbook 300 series, 9"x12" (that's about 23cmx30cm for you and me), using only 2 pens (PITT artist sepia fine, Pentel brush pen) and my basic set of gouaches. That's it. I can choose any subject I like as long as I stick to this goal."

And I think I met it. It was my first time using gouache as a medium and I discovered a lot, like you can paint clouds and water in gouache! In some ways, it's easier than watercolours. And it's definitely a lot more forgiving than watercolours on cheap paper (the sketchbook I used was really for dry media only). But it has its challenges, which I faced every day, like how to make the colours pop (finding the right consistency is the trick). 

I cheated a little bit, by introducing Montana acrylic marker backgrounds and Gelli-printed backgrounds when I felt my enthusiasm was waning. But I decided that was better than skipping a day.

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