Friday, May 27, 2016


BB had heard on the radio that the new marina in Greystones was now finished and people ringing in were saying it was quite nice, so we decided to go and see for ourselves.
  1. It's not finished. Or if it's supposed to be finished, there are some serious problems - the surface is full of holes that have been patched, cracks are appearing already, and it looks to me like one of the piers is not finished (but at that stage, I was so depressed by the sight that we decided to walk in the other direction)
  2. It's awful, a monstrosity, pure concrete, no design. It kills the view. What were they thinking?
Thankfully, as soon as you turn your back to it and walk South towards the beach (away from Bray Head), it soon disappears, and you can enjoy the beauty of nature, beach, sea, sky (just don't look inland, because there are a few horrible buildings on the way, an abandoned hotel, a school, the back of shops - why are planners in Ireland allowing such horrors to be built?)

Those clouds and reflections in the water are calling for me to paint them! I'd better get cracking so.

No photos of the horror. I just couldn't bear it.

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