Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Dublin Sketchers - National Gallery - 24 April

Another great outing with Dublin Sketchers the weekend before last, at the National Gallery.
I was using my no-brand super smooth paper sketchbook, and my cheap Manuscript fountain pen (medium nib), and also a pencil for the last sketch.

I like quick sketches. When I got into the gallery, a lot of the main rooms were closed for an upcoming exhibition, but I found a good bench looking at a painting that caught my eye. I wasn't familiar with it - Flanders' Fields by William Crozier. So I decided to sketch this painting over and over, noticing new things every time, and focusing on people's response to it. Here they are, all seven of my sketches:

Once I was done with these, I still had plenty of time before the 4pm meetup. So I walked to the end of the room, and found I had a gorgeous view of Lincoln Place (at the end of Trinity College, near the Dental School). I've read all the books, done the online courses, and I know you're supposed to draw the big shapes first, then move on to the details, but it was the details of this building that attracted me, not the overall thing. So I started with the triangle at the top of the roof and worked my way down and around, in pencil this time. I didn't have time to finish the whole building but it didn't really matter to me. Maybe next time, I'll go and spend the full two hours drawing this building!

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