Monday, June 09, 2008

REO Speedwagon

Mary's brother won tickets for REO Speedwagon at the Olympia, but couldn't make it to Dublin for the concert. As Mary and Padraig were not interested, they asked me if we wanted to go. I didn't know what REO Speedwagon was (I thought it was spelt Oreo Speedwagon and was something to do with biscuits!), but I asked Brendan, and he was happy to go. I now know that they are an American band, who play stadium rock and power balads.

And we went to the concert last night, and had a great time. It's not exactly my kind of music, and the sound was not great (the bass was too strong and overpowering), but they gave it loads, and they played some good songs.

It turns out I knew 2 of their songs - Can't Fight this Feeling, and Keep on Loving You! The power balads obviously made it to Belgium!

For more details about the band's history, check out Wikipedia.

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