Tuesday, June 17, 2008

E-Day + 29

We got steels at last! It wasn't without a final long wait. The steel man didn't arrive until 2 o'clock, I think (he had said he would be here at 10). David, Stan and Phil were here waiting for it, afraid to leave for even 5 minutes in case the steel man arrived in the time they were gone. There is an awful lot of waiting around in this business.

Now Phil can proceed with work for the roof, so hopefully things will start moving again (we're watching the weather forecast with anxiety, as rain is spreading from the West)

Colman from Extend was over for the 3rd site visit and was happy with the overall progress and the quality of the work. Extend have been very good through this phase of the project, monitoring progress regularly and answering queries from Kevin promptly. I'm glad we decided to go with the "Design Pack C", as I feel we're getting very good support from Extend through this.

So overall, I feel very happy with the overall status. Still dreading the next phase, when Kevin's team will be knocking through our existing wall and start work on the inside. Right now, we still have our kitchen and sitting room, but it will be very cramped when we have to work upstairs.

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