Monday, June 16, 2008

E-Day + 28

Very little going on today. The steel man was supposed to be here at 12, and David and Stan waited for him until 1 o'clock, but no sign of him, so they left.

He arrived at about 4:30, as I was leaving the house, with some story about having to be in Kilmacanogue for 2 o'clock. I gave him David's phone number and got him to ring him. I was back about 10 minutes later to find him nearly done unloading the steels and a post. He told me he agreed with David that he would be here at 10 tomorrow, but also said he had to be in Castleknock for another job at 7:30 and wasn't sure he'd be here on time.

It sounds like he's got scheduling issues! Somehow I doubt these steels will be up tomorrow morning, which is a pity as rain is approaching from the West. We were hoping to have our roof up before then, but it's not going to be up by tomorrow lunchtime!

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