Tuesday, June 03, 2008

E-Day + 15 - The Wall

Our garden was a hive of activity when we came back from the gym this morning. Three brick layers were there, Kevin was taking measurements and levels, David was organising things and Stan was busy working hard as always. There were cars and vans everywhere in front of our house. Given that it was bin day, we had to get some of these moved (to make sure that the Panda truck could get by and collect everybody's bins!)

The blocks were delivered around 1:30 (they had been ordered for 8 am), and work started on the wall. We're now at the floor level, so we have a better idea of the extra space we're going to have. And the hole in the block work at the top is for the underfloor ventilation. All fascinating stuff!

And here is the answer to Padraig's question about what happens to the pipes: they get little lintels over them, and then blocks go right over, just like a window!

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