Sunday, June 22, 2008

E-Day + 34

No work today. It's Sunday.
Forgot to wish Lorna a happy birthday yesterday!

Happy Birthday, Lorna!

And forgot to wish Padraig and Mary a Happy Wedding Anniversary, on the 20th I think it was.

Happy Anniversary, Padraig and Mary!

We went to the Eric Clapton concert in Malahide Castle yesterday, with Niall and Rita. It had rained all day, but the weather cleared for the concert, after one final heavy shower as we were walking towards the concert grounds. We enjoyed the night, despite the concert itself, which was quite bland. Clapton played the guitar beautifully and sang well enough, but he didn't seem to care whether the audience was there or not. First, he started playing earlier than advertised. We had got a Ticketmaster event reminder earlier in the week, stating that Clapton would be on stage at 20:30. We arrived from the Dart (very handy, by the way) at about 20:10, and he was already playing. Then, about three quarters through the concert, the amplification and video link went - completely, no sound at all. And guess what? Not only did Clapton continue playing the song, he actually started playing another one, knowing that 90% of the audience could not hear him! The sound came back on, then, only to go again during the encore. At that stage, we left. Not impressed! Message to Mister Clapton: if you don't care about your audience, don't bother turning up for the concert. Next time he's in Ireland, I certainly won't be going again.
We had a very nice night out with Niall and Rita all the same, and didn't get home until late.

PS: I love my new wellies - which I bought especially for the concert. I have the heart of a 5-year-old and enjoyed jumping in the puddles!

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  1. Eric Clapton cared about the public yesterday evening unfortunately you weren't there at the beginning of the concert when he greeted the public by mentioning that he has the utmost respect for us who came despite the pouring rain.