Wednesday, June 25, 2008

E-Day + 37

The roof is nearly done - all Nordman tiling is in place, with the 4 veluxes, and most of the flashing (that's the lead bits against the wall). Phil found it tough enough to work with the Nordman tiling, as this was their first time using this material. I think it looks lovely. It reminds me of New Zealand, where they have a lot of corrugated iron roofs. And David and Stan have done the capping to the party wall - a very neat job. They will complete the work on Vanessa's side as soon as the weather is good, hopefully in the next few days. She's been very patient! Thankfully the weather was on our side today, with no major rain. It actually turned nice and sunny in the afternoon. The forecast is bad for tomorrow and into the weekend, so the roof's waterproof qualities will be put to the test.

Kevin McGrath's team, David, Stan and Phil, are doing a great job. David, the foreman, is very good at telling us what they're doing, what's coming up next, showing us all the detail of their work, which he clearly takes pride in. So far, so good! We're happy.

Tomorrow, we'll hopefully find out when the Nordan windows are coming in. David heard from Kevin that some of them would be ready this week, but not all. Hopefully it's the downstairs ones that will be ready!

PS: Rang Ikea, and they've confirmed they can't take my order over the phone, as they don't have the payment facilities to do this. So, we'll need to take a trip to Belfast again. Maybe next week.

This is a picture from inside our extension yesterday. It looks a lot tidier today. As you can see, we still have our old wall up. That will need to be knocked down, but not until the extension is secured with windows and doors.

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