Friday, June 06, 2008

E-Day + 18

No pictures today - I just didn't get around to it, busy as I've been all evening catching up on my laundry - I wasn't able to reach the shed last weekend (remember, there was a moat between us and the shed) and therefore didn't get to the washing machine and dryer.

Most of the day was spent replacing damaged bits of pipes and rerouting existing pipes so that the AJs (or access junctions to you and me - that's the square trap doors on top of the pipes) are in convenient locations, all the while making sure that waste water flows smoothly, without blockages!

By the way, remember how I was wondering how the pipes from the main junction were going to get through the wall - well, they had to drill a hole through it. As simple as that!

And Peter from McNally joinery measured our doors.

And we had a special site inspection from Padraig! I hope we passed!

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