Friday, June 27, 2008

E-Day + 38

Computers can be so frustrating! I like to type my blog at a pc with a proper keyboard, rather than at my laptop, but sometimes it's just not worth the effort. I had to reboot the PC to plug in the PS2 keyboard, then my homepage (google) would not load up in Internet Explorer. It would load in Mozilla, but it would freeze whenever I tried to type in anything in the address bar. Anyways, 2 reboots later, here I am. It's working. No good explanation why!

Workwise, David and Stan were here this morning, doing some scudding for the walls (it involves throwing some sort of cement mix at the walls to ensure that the plastering holds well to the wall, or something to that effect) and putting in a window sill for the long window. According to David, all Nordan windows are now ready, and the Nordan fitters will be in on Monday, along with Kevin's team, and the electrician. So it will be a full house on Monday! And David is hopefull that they'll be breaking through towards the end of the week. I can't wait for that phase of the work to start! Dust everywhere!

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