Sunday, May 28, 2006

Yves showed me when I was in Brussels a couple of weeks ago. So, last week, I tried it out. It's very handy. You can keep all your bookmarks there and then you can get to them from any machine. Plus you can share them with others - it's a bit like having a good look through somebody else's book or DVD collection. It tells you something about them, I guess. But anybody who reads this blog knows everything there is to know about me anyway...
It's easy to get completely absorbed in it. I just realise that 50 minutes have gone by, and all I did was editing some of my bookmarks. I imported them from Firefox yesterday, and I'm going through them before sharing them. Mind you, it's a nice way to while away the time. A few months ago, Sundays after 3 were just spent being busy beating the Sunday blues. No Sunday blues since I joined PC Medic!

Here is a link to my

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