Friday, September 13, 2019

Temple Bar and Grattan Bridge, when things don't go your way

You know how it goes sometimes - days don't work out the way you had expected. It's early September, the weather forecast is ok, and yet the wind is cutting right through you. You sit in a café but by the time you've ordered something to eat and a cup of tea, you realise that they keep the door open and it's actually colder inside than outside. And when you go outside to sketch some more (long-sleeved t-shirt, woollen cardigan, warm jacket, wooly hat, fingerless gloves - don't think I wasn't prepared!), it starts to rain, so you have to find refuge in another café, eat more cake, drink more tea, and just as you're tucking in, the sun comes out and it's glorious. But it's time to go home!
When those days happen, you just have to move on. And rejoice in the fact that you did manage to fit in quite a few sketches all the same, even if it was one of those mornings when the paint wouldn't dry!!


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