Saturday, February 10, 2018

Travel sketches

I'm not a nervous traveller. I love flying. But I get anxious. About being on time, making my connections, getting through security, making sure I'm at the right gate, ...
And adding two time-sensitive train journeys after a flight is a sure way to boost my anxiety levels.

We went to Belgium a couple of weeks ago for a family party. A lot of connections to make. Sketching as an integral part of the journey was certainly a way to keep me calm.

Friday - leave the house at 9:30 in the morning. Drop the dog at the kennels. On our way to the airport. Leave the car in the Red Carpark. Get the shuttle bus. Go through Fast Track (that definitely helps in settling me). Get a bite to eat. Sketch 1. Go to gate. Sketch 2. Fly. Land. Go through passport control. Get on the right train. Change train at Bruxelles Midi. Sketch 3. Finally relaxing on that final leg of the journey. Arrive in Ostend. 7 pm. Check in to the hotel and have dinner. Completely relaxed now

Busy day on the Saturday. Family reunion. We grab a bit of time in the room to relax after a good morning walk on the seafront and a family lunch. Sketch 4. Family dinner. Everybody happy.

Sunday - leave the hotel before 9am. Catch a train. Change in Ghent. Train to Brussels airport. Security checks. Passport control. Duty Free shopping. Bite to eat. Wait for gate. Sketch 5. Fly home. Shuttle bus to car park. Drive home. Relax.

 Sketch 1. Stranger in the airport. Sailor Fude pen in sketchbook.

Sketch 2: our plane. actually not our plane, but the one next to it. I couldn't see its wheels. Detail, Detail!

 Sketch 3 - BB relaxing on the train.

Sketch 4: view from our bedroom. The hotel we stayed in is well set back from the sea, but is handy for the station and close to the city centre. Our view was facing away. Lots of new developments in progress.

Sketch 5: a partial view of the terminal at Brussels airport. Lots of modern windows. I might add a little water to dilute the ink and add tone.

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