Sunday, February 18, 2018

Big Sky Inis Oírr

Another painting I had set aside and that was awaiting resolution, another one that I started in October!

Quite different from my usual work. It's inspired by, yet completely different from, Barbara Ellison's work. Will most definitely explore this further, with stronger ink lines and more watercolour blending.

The foundation for this painting was a photo I took on Inis Oírr one evening, from the harbour side of the village, looking South. And in case you're wondering what the red thing is to the right, it's the colour of a boat that was lying there!

PS: still stuck at home with the flu - nearly a week now - and I know I'm lucky - I got the flu vaccine so it would be far worse if I hadn't. I've been able to get up every day. But that's about it - days spent on the sofa, feeling listless, no appetite, a bit of a fever, aches and pains, cough like a seal, and then can't sleep at night.  And needless to say, no painting or drawing whatsoever. Will ring the doctor tomorrow if no improvement.

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