Thursday, February 15, 2018

Aspects of Timber

Were these done with the new Fude pen? No, I don't think so. I think I went back to my calligraphy markers and just followed Timber around the house as he tried to avoid me! Artists often draw or paint their cat or dog as they sleep. I've tried to do this, but both of mine seem to have a sketchpad detector, and move as soon as I sit down in front of them with a pen. What am I doing wrong? Probably not doing it often enough. So when I do sit down to sketch them, they think "what's she doing? what's going on? are we going to the vets?" rather than "oh, it's just mummy sketching; she does that a lot."

So, I gave up trying to get a full body view of him, settling for details instead. These were all over the page, but came into focus when I drew a border around each of them.

PS: Feeling run down - aches and pains and a cough. I hope it won't last too long!

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