Sunday, December 17, 2017

Watercolour portraits in Centra

Before I start, a quote for the day, from James Richards' book Freehand Drawing & Discovery, which I'm going through again at the moment. It's the first book where I came across urban sketching, by the way!

"At this point, don't aspire to be great or even to be original. Aspire to be prolific. That's an aspiration you can control, and one that can lead - in less time than you might think - to greatness and originality"

I haven't succeeded in being prolific over the last month, but the year has been pretty good from that perspective at least. I think it will be an ongoing goal for me!

Dublin Sketchers have a tradition of meeting in the basement café in Centra on Westland Row on a Sunday in December. We sketch each other, and listen to Davey playing the guitar and singing, and John playing the ukulele or the fiddle. It's a really lovely tradition. And makes for good memories in all our sketchbooks. It's fun also to see how the others perceive us!

My choice of going straight to watercolour means that accuracy goes out the window. But "I've had the time of my life" all the same, to quote one of the songs that Davey sang!

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