Saturday, December 02, 2017

Drimnagh Castle and Dublin Sketchers Christmas party

26 of November, and still sketching outdoors. Warm layers, thermal underwear, hat, gloves, and a flask of hot tea - those are my secrets. This was my second time to Drimnagh Castle. And actually last year, it was in December I went there with Dublin Sketchers, and I sketched outdoors then!
But this time, I didn't lose my way in the car on the return journey.

And I managed to fit the whole castle on the page. I'm using a bigger sketchbook, which helps. And I do measure a bit nowadays!

This was our end-of-year party and everybody was in good spirit, warmed up by the fire, soup, tea, and for some, mulled wine on offer. And Drimnagh Castle was the perfect location. The initial castle was built in the 13th century, and it has a moat, and beautiful gardens. And we know someone who knows someone so it opens just for us on Sundays. We're so lucky!

Finished sketch (strengthened colours, added sky, fine pen to reinforce shapes, a little bit of white pen for windows)

Sketch as done on location - pencil and watercolour. 

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