Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Here is how I want to paint poppies

Existential crisis? Maybe not. But I'm starting to seriously doubt how I paint. And I want to move to more abstract landscapes. But I keep reverting back to what's expected of me in terms of watercolour style. And even though it doesn't agree with me, I keep repeating the same pattern. Chocolate box. I love chocolate. But not in my paintings.
So, after a frustrating session of painting stiff poppies, I took my biggest paint brush out (a Jean Haines squirrel blend mop from Rosemary and Co.) picked bright colours and splashed paint around on three different papers (rough, cold press, hot press). And let pigment and water do their work, while I sat back and enjoyed!
I know these are not "frameable quality, but I had fun painting them. Isn't that what it should be all about?

And a quote, from Marc Taro Holmes, to motivate me:
"You never want a painting to be hard work. It should be a joy, not a second job :)"


Cold Press

Hot Press

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