Tuesday, December 19, 2017

DLR Lexicon, Dun Laoghaire

Last Dublin Sketchers outing of the year. The DLR Lexicon Library in Dun Laoghaire is a wonderful indoor location with lots of outdoor views. And the sea an amazing colour for a dark day in December. Nice bright notes from the Christmas market - apparently the crêpes were the best seller, and a chance to practise populating my sketch with people (and a couple of dogs - although my dogs appear to be floating on a different plane than the people!). I must figure out how to add hair to my stick figures. Bobble hats look good, though.
This sketch was done from the ground floor - the window was at an angle to the scene, so I had to imagine as much as observe.

The DLR Lexicon is a controversial library - it was really a vanity project for the county council, I believe. It's a wonderful resource, welcoming to all, and it is in a perfect location. But many local residents were not happy with how it dominates the landscape, I'd imagine. And why build such a large library in one location (very close to the county council building, interestingly enough), rather than improve the libraries all around the county?

But when I sketch, I don't ask these questions. I just look at what's in front of me, I think about colours, and I see all the possible angles!

For this one, I had about 25 minutes left and I walked up to the first floor, where I found the perfect window seat looking straight down at the same view. That seat was taken by a fellow sketcher, so I sat in the little corner right beside her, and I was blessed with a really interesting perspective, framed by the vertical walls of the library - all sky. I didn't have time to sketch it, but I wanted to capture the colours of the sea and the sky the best I could, as the photos I took were full of reflections and the fading light made it look duller than it was. I might add detail at a later point, but let's be realistic, we're the week before Christmas, and things are going to get hectic, so it probably will remain unfinished!

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